Putter Length – How to Measure

Putter Length

A putter is the most important weapon in a golfer’s kit as it is used to carry out some strokes in a game. how to measure putter length, as every golfer has a putter of different size. The length of the putter is dependent on the golfer’s stroke making, the comfort and size, say experts at www.fitnessmagazine.com. For a successful putting stroke execution, the length of the putter is essential. You should not have a putter which is too long or too short as it may affect your backswing and also how your hands and arms react on the follow through.
To measure the length of the putter, follow the below steps.

Standard lengths of the putter: The specs of clubs and putters are very different. Putters can be of up to a length of 48 inches and can be as small as 18 inches. The standard length of a putter for a man is 35 inches, and for women, it is 34 inches. But based on the golfer’s height and the style of putting, putter length can vary. Custom made putters can reach up to a length of 40 inches.

The type of putter you possess: The putters though are available in various kinds. For the sake of measuring, it can be bracketed into two categories heel shafted and center shaft.
Heel Shafted Putter: A club where the shafts intersect the club head and club heel. A common head shafted putter is the standard blade putter.

Center-shafted putter: This is a putter whose shafts links the club at the center. Examples of center shafted putters are belly putter, long and heavy putters.

Measuring the putter: Measuring the center and heel shaped putters are slightly different from each other.
Place the club face up.

Using a tape gauge, the club from the top of the grip of the club to the head. The club head is the place where the head hits the ground.
Make a note of measurement as this will give you the exact length of the putter.

Measuring the head shafted putter:
Put the club down on the ground with the club facing up. Measure the distance between the club and the shaft. Extend the tape to beyond the length of the club, put it on the club’s shaft. The point where the straight edge and the tape meets is the exact length of the putter.

Another way to find the length of your putter is as follows.
Stand tall, measure the distance between your knuckle to the floor. This measure will then be used to determine the measure of your putter.
Body posture is also a determinant in finding the length, stand in front of the mirror with your putter, decide what kind of posture you have, is it straight or back rounded. Next, find out how you hold the putter. In front of a mirror stand with a putter in your putting stance, find out if your hands are held high, low, etc.

To summarize, there is no ideal length which suits everyone. It all boils down to posture, height and other personal measurements.